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Are You A Boss, Manager, or Leader?

May 14, 2018

During the course of my 20+ years of professional life, I have come to learn that there are three main categories of people who may be at the top of a business hierarchy. The first is a boss who is someone who typically doesn't have the time to be present, feels like they have to have all the answers, and is guarded when they are at work. The second is a manager who sees how being present can help, is able to be open and honest with a few coworkers, and is good at treating the symptoms. The third is a leader who knows their own self-awareness is the key to professional success, does not hide who they are at work, and uses curiosity to uncover the root of issues. It's easy to see a natural progression from boss to manager to leader in the way I've defined them. This is good news if you resonate with boss or manager but want to develop into a leader. If you want to know more, please schedule a conversation with me at



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