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Notice the Pattern

April 1, 2018

Many times, people will seek coaching because they feel stuck. They usually recognize that they want something better, but it's like they are stuck in a ditch and don't know how to get out. When they can describe to me what is going on in their lives, I listen for a pattern of behavior. For example, I was talking with my coach about my worries around enrolling clients. I was feeling stuck. After listening to my story around enrollment, he pointed out that my pattern is putting people on a pedestal, making them intimidating and out of reach. It was no wonder that I wasn't enjoying the process. By identifying the pattern, I can interrupt it and choose a detour so I don't end up in the ditch. The thing I have chosen to do is to lead with acknowledgment for the person sitting in front of me. When I can focus on the things that I love about this person and share it with them, I can get out of my head and into my heart, which helps me to connect with them rather than keep them out of reach.



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