• Allison Garner

Grab A Mirror

Go on! Grab one! Look into it. Maybe I am cranky, or PMS-ing, or just plain ornery but I am tired of hearing how "they" are making things worse. Eleanor Roosevelt famously said, "no one can make you feel inferior without your consent". To all of us who are feeling beaten down, frustrated, and resentful, look at that gorgeous mug in the mirror and embrace that vision. It's the ONE person on this planet who you can control. If you are dissatisfied, unfulfilled, overwhelmed, underwhelmed, put upon, or want things to change, then that person in the mirror is the only one who can fix it for you. So keep a mirror handy when you feel justified to blame, point a finger, or abdicate responsibility. The beautiful and capable face staring back at you is the answer to all the things that plague you.

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