• Allison Garner

Coming On Strong

I was reminded again when I fear not being good enough that I will offset this by coming on strong. Last week, I made a pitch to a client for additional work. My client had asked me for one thing, and I had offered something different. I was feeling nervous about not complying exactly with his request, but I really believed that my offer was for more in line with what I thought his business truly needed. As I made my pitch, my energy level felt high. I spoke quickly and with a lot of enthusiasm. I over-explained. I bounced back and forth between different concepts. My client was completely lost. He was confused and uncomfortable. There it was again, the feeling that I was overcompensating from a fear of not being enough. Thankfully, I was asked to make the same pitch again in for his leadership team. Essentially, I got a do-over. When I approached the leadership team feeling confident that I was enough, the pitch went beautifully. I was patient. I spoke slowly. I made sure everyone understood me before I moved on. I was focused on them and their needs instead of on me and my fears. It was a completely different experience. Oh, and they signed the contract.

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