• Allison Garner

How Healthy Is Your Organizational Culture?

Organizational health and culture fitness are today's low hanging fruit for most businesses. While strategy and marketing efforts are important, it's difficult to gain a competitive advantage over others in an age where information is readily available to everyone. Knowledge, experience, and intelligence can only take us so far. Where businesses can set themselves apart is in the way its humans interact with each other. When the people in an organization spend their time and energy hiding their thoughts, mistakes, and weaknesses, it's a waste. It doesn't further the mission of the organization. It doesn't further our sense of purpose and meaning. It doesn't further innovation, adaptability, and resiliency. What keeps most of us from addressing the health of our organizations? Well, for starters, it's hard to quantify, difficult to implement, requires us to challenge our assumptions, and demands that we shift our mindsets. It's no easy task. The businesses that realize organizational health and culture fitness are at a major competitive advantage.

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