• Allison Garner

We Want to Hear the Truth. Really.

I'm currently in the midst of working on a presentation for the distinction between serving versus pleasing. In it, I tell the story of a fellow colleague who shares with me a truth that may have seemed harsh to an outsider. She shared that I approached most people from a place of weakness, which made people want to avoid me. The way she said it was direct. There was no sugar coating, no upfront prep talk. She just said it and let me digest it. Here's the thing. I loved it! It was a relief to know my blindspot. I knew she was correct, and to hear her articulate what I kinda knew about myself brought so much clarity to me. I could finally address what was offputting about me, and start doing the deeper work of understanding why I put others on pedestals. It unlocked me. As a business coach, I have found that my clients also love to hear the truth. Of course, there is an art to saying the truth in a way that others will be able to hear it. It seems to me, from my professional and personal experience, that many of us are hungry for the truth. What would the impact be if you actively sought the truth about yourself from others?

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