• Allison Garner

Who Gets to Be in Your Tribe?

One belief that I have is that our society is becoming more and more disconnected. This is ironic since we now have even more ways to connect thanks to technology, smart phones, and access to online media. It wasn't until I decided to get intentional about who gets to be in my tribe, who I connect deeply with, that I recognized just how important choosing wisely can impact my life.

Part of being intentional about the people I choose to spend time with is getting to learn and accept who I am. Back when I believed that pleasing others was the key to fitting in, I didn't really have a tribe of my own. Instead I was focused on being a member in other people's tribes. When I was allowed access, I would feel better about myself because I assumed it meant that I was accepted and belonged. What a cruel twist that as I racked up more and more tribe memberships that I still didn't experience belonging.

Once I made the distinction between fitting in versus belonging, I set about to create MY own tribe. No longer was I twisting and contorting to fit into what others wanted of me. I focused on who I was in the world and then surrounded myself with people who would unconditionally support me to be the best me I could be.

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