• Allison Garner

Leadership Distinction #1

My client is the leader of a small team. His business is growing, and he is adding more team members to his organization. As a result, he wishes to build his leadership mastery. So I asked him to create a list of the characteristics he associated with being a leader.

Belief #1. The leader has the answers.

It is a belief that has all decisions flow through him, which greatly overloads his already full plate. He made a distinction between having to have the answers versus empowering his team to find the answers for themselves.

Distinction #1. Have the answer vs. Empower team to find the answer.

Not only does this distinction lighten the leader's load, but it also allows team members to demonstrate and practice their own leadership capabilities. Additionally, leadership can be pushed lower into the organization, improve engagement, and elicit buy-in for decisions.

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