• Allison Garner

Change Hurts

Our family is going through massive change right now. As a person who is deeply involved with personal development and growth, I am keenly aware of how I am responding to this latest transition. I know intellectually that which doesn't kill me makes me stronger, but it's not so helpful when I am in the midst of emotional turmoil. In other words, I am in the hurt. Right now. I may be able to look back someday and point at it and remark that I made it. But today, it's intense and overwhelming. To get through today, I have to allow the hurt, sit with it, and honor it. Change is painful. If I try to distract myself from or talk myself out of feeling it, then I'm taking the easy way out and cheating myself. As I sit with my hurt today, I can remind myself that I choose not cheat myself out the strength that is to come.

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