• Allison Garner

It's OK to be Messy?

I got the wonderful opportunity this morning to have a promotional video made of me for the International Coaching Federation (ICF), where they'll feature coaches in their upcoming monthly newsletters. During the taping, I noticed that I don't have great sound bites that are succinct and to-the-point. Instead, I meander about, using too many words to say what I am saying, and spend too much time explaining my thought instead of just saying it. It's another moment where I feel like I had ONE chance to prove myself, and I find myself dissatisfied with my performance. I don't like this feeling. It would have been tempting to say no to the video until my messaging is clear, but that's like saying I won't take piano lessons until I can play Mozart. I wonder if there is a certain number of not-so-stellar videos that I have to make in order to get to the stellar ones. If I choose to believe this, then I am one more video closer to making a great one.

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