• Allison Garner

What Am I Focusing On?

As I stand in front of any audience, I like to focus on how they are responding to whatever I am presenting. However, I had an epiphany this week that I may be noticing the thing I am fearing rather than what is really happening in the room. Like most humans, I fear that I will be rejected and judged when I'm conducting a workshop. For me, the worst thing is if the participants disengage. With this in mind, I may be looking for just that, any small hint that someone is mentally checking out. It could be that I am hyper-sensitive because I am fearful, so any yawn, glance at a watch, or blank stares when asked a question automatically means I have lost them. Last week, I learned that I thought I had lost my audience, but when I asked for feedback I was pleasantly surprised that they were right there with me. For my next workshop, I am choosing to watch for signs of engagement rather than disengagement. This means I'll have to pat my fear on the head and ask it to go somewhere else while I'm presenting.

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