• Allison Garner

Notice the Pattern

Many times, people will seek coaching because they feel stuck. They usually recognize that they want something better, but it's like they are stuck in a ditch and don't know how to get out. When they can describe to me what is going on in their lives, I listen for a pattern of behavior. For example, I was talking with my coach about my worries around enrolling clients. I was feeling stuck. After listening to my story around enrollment, he pointed out that my pattern is putting people on a pedestal, making them intimidating and out of reach. It was no wonder that I wasn't enjoying the process. By identifying the pattern, I can interrupt it and choose a detour so I don't end up in the ditch. The thing I have chosen to do is to lead with acknowledgment for the person sitting in front of me. When I can focus on the things that I love about this person and share it with them, I can get out of my head and into my heart, which helps me to connect with them rather than keep them out of reach.

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