• Allison Garner

What Is In The Way Is The Way

I have a client who suffers from what I call one-more-itis. He can always find one more thing to do. A few weeks ago, he wanted to explore his struggle with being chronically late and feeling perpetually overwhelmed. He discovered that he is never present, which means he is always thinking about the past (things he didn't get done) or the future (things that need to get done). Because of this, he was missing out on all sorts of joys that can only happen when we are in the moment. I shared that, many times, the thing that seems to be in the way is the way. He gave himself the homework assignment of watching a TV show from start to finish without stopping to do anything else. He wasn't allowed to look at his phone, take out the dog, or even go potty. By gaining clarity about what was in the way for him, he was able to craft a way out.

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