• Allison Garner

Your Money Story

One of the barriers for most of us is our money story. You know, the one where we tell ourselves that money will do X, Y, or Z and then we look for proof that our story is true. For example, I used to believe that money was a sign of success. Nothing earth shattering there, right? But this story held me back when I started my own business. When I wasn't making money, I constantly felt like a failure, worried that I had made a big mistake leaving my soul sucking but financially stable engineering career, and became desperate and needy for clients. Once I untangled my money story from my beliefs around success, I was able thrive and my business took off. Ironic. My new belief is that money and success aren't necessarily connected. I've been hugely successful and not made a dime, just like I've felt unsuccessful and made loads of money. It's been fun to challenge my own beliefs, as it's unlocked me from feelings of fear, failure, and not being good enough.

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