• Allison Garner

Money = Worthiness

As an adult, I have struggled with the belief that money is a sign of my worthiness. Many of my clients experience similar feelings around money and how it "proves" they are good enough. For example, I may believe that I don't deserve to have something until I have worked really hard for it. In other words, I am not worthy until I have earned it. This can be true, but there may be times when this belief can hold us back. What happens if I need to use money that my husband earned with his job to pay for something I need for my business? I feel guilty for asking and shame for not having the money. Suddenly, my worthiness is called into question because I am busy trying to earn, but money is a lagging indicator of the work I've put in. I've had to face my belief that money is a sign of worthiness during the gaps between my efforts and the resulting payoffs. By challenging this belief, money and worthiness are decoupled. I now believe that I am worthy. Period. End of sentence. It's no longer conditional on anything, including money.

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