• Allison Garner

How Much Power Do We Give Away To Money?

I've been wondering about how much of our power we give away to money. For some, money leaves a bad taste in their mouth, and they believe that money changes people in a negative way, like being jaded, entitled, or out of touch with reality. For others, money is the ultimate prize and should be placed on a pedestal. Maybe in a glass case. And feather dusted. Often. To me, both beliefs around money give this green paper an awful lot of power. For me, I used to believe that money was the goal. When I had it, I made it mean that I was successful, somebody important, and had status. The cruel irony was that I never really felt successful regardless of how much money I made. In fact, I had a goal to be a millionaire by the time I turned 40, which I accomplished but still felt empty and unfulfilled. I found that I could never get enough of what I didn't need. When I finally discovered that money wasn't the thing that gave me purpose and meaning, it suddenly got downgraded in the power structure. I took back the power I had assigned to money, which has em-power-ed me to have impact, find meaning, and live with purpose.

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