• Allison Garner

What Are You Committed To?

I had an interesting conversation with my coach a few weeks ago. I would like to join a high level, international coaching mastermind group, but I don't yet have the funds to do so. I was struggling with how to generate the money, because I have a deep seated fear around setting goals. Okay, it's not the fear of goals so much as the fear of not achieving them. She asked me what I make it mean about me when I don't reach my goals. Duh, it means I'm a loser. So if I don't set a goal, then I can't be a loser. Problem solved.

What am I committed to? Not being a loser? Boring. Creating the money to join the mastermind? Kinda boring. Improving my own growth and development to further enhance my coaching mastery? Getting warmer. Creating massive impact? Yes, please! If I'm committed to having massive impact, then I can withstand the discomfort of experiencing my fears. I don't always enjoy feeling my feelings, but I can do it when I am confident that facing them will yield big paybacks.

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