• Allison Garner

Move The Spotlight

I have a deeply held belief that sales is sleazy. I personally hate sales pitches, and I feel embarrassed for the folks who do infomercials. Since I've started my own business, I've come face to face with my assumptions around sales and I've had to confront them. In the beginning of starting my business, I stumbled around enrolling clients and it always felt a little forced and awkward. It wasn't until I stopped putting the spotlight on me and started putting it on the person I was with. As soon as I focused my energies on how I could serve them, the sleazy sales feeling disappeared. I no longer worry if they will feel pressured because I am not selling AT them. I don't have to fear them wondering what I can do for them, because I serve them in the moment and they know. As a generous person who oozes with empathy, this has offered me a path to enrolling clients, serving people, and networking authentically.

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