• Allison Garner

Say The Thing Then Stop

A few weeks ago, I received a contract from a publisher who is going to publish my book. Since I have never written a book before, I assumed that they would take my manuscript, make it into a book, and deliver it to the shelves of bookstores across the nation. Last week, they emailed me a 4 page questionnaire asking me to describe the book. They wanted an overview of the entire book in 2 sentences. I had to describe the goals in 3 sentences or less. They even asked me for a single sentence that would hook a potential reader. 1 sentence!? Lately, it seems like I am learning that I say too much. I talk about my history, I set the stage, I say why I might be an authority on a subject, and I use too many words to get a point across. This exercise for my publisher has taught me that people just want to know how I can help them. In 2 sentences or less.

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