• Allison Garner

Own Your Power

One of my clients has started his own business, and he is looking to grow it substantially this year. In an effort to market his business, he has booked several speaking gigs and has been asked to provide a bio. He sent a draft of his bio to me, and it was a typical description of his education, previous roles, and his services that help his customers. I responded that the information was factual and helps the reader understand that you are qualified. But I wanna hear about what you can do for me. I want to feel your passion for what you do. I want you to speak directly to the need that I am yearning for. I want to hear how you have saved people's lives, transformed their deep childhood wounds, and gave hope to people who thought they had run out of options. He sent me a second draft where he owned and succinctly expressed the power of his work. I was immediately enrolled.

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