• allison7842

"We are Growing and I am Irriated"

I have a client who runs his own health care products company. Last year, he partnered with me to figure out how to grow his business and himself. During our time together, his business has blossomed, revenues have risen steadily and his team has tripled. During our most recent coaching session, he expressed nervous anticipation about the things to come. He is set to expand even further, and this is exactly what he wants. Yet he has become irritable and short with people. He feels a sense of heaviness and dread. He came to realize that he is in preparation mode. While he loves the idea of expanding his market, he simultaneously frets over the added responsibilities. He wonders who his new customers will be, how well prepared his team will be to handle the added business and how to build upon his stellar reputation in his field. He discovered that the uncertainty was making him uncomfortable and he was lashing out to discharge the negative feelings. He ended the session with a plan to normalize these restless emotions so he could enjoy the ride.

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