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Break Your Own Nose

Break Your Own Nose

I go to the gym every morning. I work through some kind of workout routine that changes day to day, but I'm pretty much on autopilot. So imagine my surprise when the gym placed new medicine balls and new mats in the weight room. I was used to doing overhead slams where I heaved a medicine ball over my head and slammed it into a mat (great for the lats) to absorb the energy and prevent the ball from bouncing. This particular day, I heaved the NEW medicine ball overhead, slammed it into the NEW mat and was immediately slammed back in the face. As I sat stunned and bleeding profusely from my nose, I realized that something had changed and I had missed it. I literally broke my own nose because I wasn't present. This story helps me to remember to take off the blinders, be open to changes in the environment and be present.

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