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A Year Without A Solution

A year without a solution

Our family has been through an incredibly difficult year. Our daughter began to show signs of serious depression and anxiety last year. Not only did she struggle mightily with feeling emotionally out of control most of the time, but this pain and agony were exacerbated by being an adolescent in middle school with all its pressures and pitfalls. She was truly suffering. Since then, we have wandered through the murky and messy world mental illness. For any of you who have been down this path, then you know there are NO clear and concise answers. When we began, we did what most uninformed parents do. We trusted the medical industry to know what was best for our child. After a year of multiple hospitalizations, therapists, treatment programs, and medications, we are standing on higher ground. We now understand that we are in the best position to know what is best for our child. The theme of advocacy in my posts this week rings loud for me as I believe we may be onto a solution to stabilize our daughter's volatile and intense mood swings. It wasn't until we got educated and informed that we realized that our sole job was to advocate for her, which meant requesting the medicines, therapies, and programs that we felt would work best. Our requests did not follow typical protocols, so we had to gently nudge (push sounds so aggressive, right?) our medical care team to do what we asked. Guess what? It's working! If someone had told me this back then, I would have scoffed. Yet today I am now advocating, for well, advocating. Life's funny like that.

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