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Challenge Vs. Advocate

Challenge vs Advocate

Challenging the status quo and advocating is different, in my opinion. I love to challenge the status quo; ask why we do things a certain way, get curious about processes and procedures and dig deeper into root causes of certain difficulties. As a coach, this is how I work each day with my clients and how their mindsets are shifted. Advocacy, on the other hand, is what I do to force or persuade a decision that may go against common protocols. If my child needs something that is outside the "usual" ways of doing things, I advocate that they receive the necessary resources. I'm not really interested in shifting the perspective as much as I am looking for a thing to be done. This distinction for me was a big one as I have been attempting to advocate for my child with a "coaching" hat on, which has not been terribly effective. Now that I have clarified how they are different, I can wear the most appropriate hat for the occasion.

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