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Lulled into the Comfort Zone

One of my clients, Sarah, is a successful small business owner in the retail industry. She is an entrepreneur who is energized by overcoming challenges. She has decided to make a move to a different location to experience the challenges of learning a new town, networking with a new group of people and figuring out how to get things done in another place. This week, Sarah shared with me that things are going really well for her in her current location, and she wonders if the move is a good idea. She described in great detail all these recent events that had her feeling really confident and sure of herself. This was leading her to question whether or not to leave. I asked her, "what is the benefit of feeling confident and sure of yourself?" She replied, "there's no challenge. I'm comfortable." For a woman who thrives on leaning into her discomfort and relishing the struggle of growth and overcoming challenges, the comfort zone does not appeal to her. However, there is a part of her mind that questions risk and wants Sarah to be safe. Sarah is choosing not to listen to that voice and instead get back to filling her life with things that energize her. Comfort isn't one of them.

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