How to Get Started

The process I use to create clients is essentially four conversations.  The first one is typically a connection conversation where we learn about each other.  The second one is an invitation to a two hour deep coaching conversation so you can experience my coaching firsthand.  If we both would like to talk again, the third is a creation conversation where we discuss what you would like to achieve through coaching and discuss the specifics of our work together.  The fourth conversation is to discuss the logistics and agree to the terms.  These four conversations have no costs associated with them. 

The Purpose

The purpose of our work together includes:

  1. Vision - What is your WHY?
  2. Strategy - How will you make it happen?
  3. Mindset - What's holding you back?
  4. Resources - What skills and resourcess are required?
  5. Values alignment - What are your gains and drains?

Our Work

Deep Coaching

This is a one-to-one package is where you and I work exclusively on you. Your thoughts will be challenged to promote a shift in perspective and shatter your barriers.

Who would benefit from Deep Coaching?

  • You are committed to changing from the comfort of the status quo to the discomfort of growth.
  • You want to create long-term, sustainable change in a short period of time.
  • You are looking for a high intensity experience.

The Tribe

This package is designed to leverage the collective intelligence of the group. When working in groups, the individual attention is not as intense as one-to-one coaching, but the learning is increased by hearing each others experiences.

Who would benefit from being a member of The Tribe?

  • You love and are seeking the camaraderie of a community.
  • You want to both experience growth yourself and witness growth in others.
  • You want to support and be supported.

Team Breakthrough

This package is designed for established teams within organizations to work on their specific challenges. 

Who would benefit from being a member of Team Breakthrough?

  • You have tension or conflict that is slowing down the team.
  • You recognize the need to resolve challenges to unlock the team's potential.
  • You want to boost the productivity, creativity and cohesion of the team.

Real Life Teens

This program is designed to empower middle and high school teens.  The focus is on experiences that will stretch teens out of their comfort zone and facilitate psychological growth.  These teens will process how these experiences are personally meaningful while building a community where it is safe to be themselves.  A few examples of some experiences include learning improv, participating in a professional photo shoot and getting trained by police instructors to control the mind and body in stressful situations. 

Who would benefit from being a member of Real Life Teens?

  • You are a middle school or high school teen who wants less anxiety and stress.
  • You want to discover and leverage your uniqueness.
  • You want to build confidence as a result of experiencing challenges.