Milica Pićurić
Milica Pićurić
Professional Coach

"I feel very fortunate that I found Allison and hired her as my coach.  I began working with Allison on the cusp of a major life change that was stirring up deep personal conflicts.  I was finishing a year long training program and preparing to launch my own business and needed to make sure that I didn't get derailed by a lack of confidence during this time of transition.  It became clear that all the change I was experiencing was contributing to my desire to "run and hide", and making me susceptible to the influence of outside negative forces.


While I knew what my goals were, Allison helped me crystallize a vision of the type of professional and person I want to be, and helped me explore what is missing from making this vision a reality.  By questioning what I was gaining by not making my vision a reality, Allison helped me uncover and stop a pattern of sabotaging my own success.  This "keeping the end in mind" mentality now helps me evaluate every hiccup and bump I come across, so that I don't react automatically as I used to, but mindfully, keeping an eye on the big picture, and how an everyday decision will affect my getting closer to it.


Allison coaches with deep empathy, and makes me feel very supported and understood."

Kelli Saginak Professor and Coach
Kelli Saginak
Professor and Coach

"Allison guided me through a deep dive into how shame shows up in my life, such as decision-making. She organized my thoughts, themed them around specific beliefs, and then offered questions that took me deeper into themes and beliefs. She prevented me from becoming lost in my thoughts and kept me in the moment, which increased the insight I was gaining. Throughout our call, I felt her sincere interest, curiosity, care, desire to guide me toward insight, and empathy. She encouraged, posed thought-provoking questions, gave me silence to think deeper, held me in those deeper places while I explored, and laughed with me! Loved it! I am grateful!"

Mauricio Bolanos
Financial Advisor

"The effect our sessions have had on my confidence and my relationship with my family has been outstanding and extremely positive. Our conversations are in my head all the time when approaching new prospective clients and when interacting with my family. I'm especially grateful about what the sessions have done to improve my relationship with my oldest son. We are closer than ever!
I value Allison's ability to ask in depth and difficult questions, and inspire self worth."

"I have learned a great deal from our coaching sessions. I have a much more positive mindset regarding my father. I understand that he cannot do any better than he is and that I do not need his approval or recognition for my happiness or sense of well being. I feel closer with my husband by discussing our relationship in a positive way… identifying similar goals and desires for our future together as a couple.


I feel more confident and that my best is good enough. I am also more kind to myself in that I do not compare myself to others (as much) as I used to. I am believing more and more each day that we are all on our own journey with different talents and strength to share. I feel a lot more open to making mistakes.  With your enthusiasm and light spirit, we work hard together but it is always with levity.


You ask really insightful, on-point questions. You are really great at not advising. Loved that you used the role playing technique with me in the coaching sessions. I really benefited from that experience."  - Nancy Frehill, Stay At Home Mom

"Procrastination is something I am always fighting. Allison has helped me to clarify my lack of motivation and then set structures in place to overcome procrastinating. She supported me by allowing me "space" to become aware of what was keeping me stuck.


Allison is confident, caring and a helpful problem solver."  - Sheila Holder, retired Superintendent

"Over the course of several months, Allison coached me through a number of working-mother dilemmas that I had been trying to tackle on my own. She helped me interpret my feelings and cultivate new strategies that better addressed what I truly wanted. Allison's knack for asking tough questions is balanced with her warm personality; so, even when a question was challenging to answer, I knew that my coach had was ready to catch me if I needed her. Looking back, I realize how our sessions provided me a set of new tools to further define my long-term family responsibilities and ensure my other needs are met. "  -Juliette, Project Manager