Coaching is best experienced first hand.  Contact me to set up a complimentary one hour session.

My clients come from different countries, professions and industries, but they all have same open mindset and desire for powerful coaching. I work with businesses sponsoring coaching for their employees, other coaches who run leadership programs and individuals working on personal and professional development.

One-to-One Coaching
The one-to-one package is where you and I work exclusively on you. The purpose of our work together is to uncover the things that hold you back from your true greatness and co-create a plan to achieve it.
Our clients are good thinkers, care deeply about others, are willing to shift their perspectives and are high in emotional intelligence. Through coaching, these clients have launched new businesses, repaired relationships, put dreams into action and overcome fears that have plagued them for years.

one on one woman

Group Coaching
Group Coaching is designed to leverage the collective intelligence of the group. When working in groups, the individual attention is not as intense as one-to-one coaching, but the learning is increased by hearing each others experiences.
Our group members have high social skills, are energized by other like-minded people and genuinely want each of the members to succeed. Together, these clients push each other out of their comfort zones while simultaneously standing by them as they tread into unknown territory.